The Green Kids Foundation was created to help people become quality stewards of our environment and animals.  We believe that people can co-exist with Mother Nature but we need to do it in a thoughtful, engaged and understanding manner.

Green Kids  Foundation supports the efforts of the Green Kids Club to teach young children the importance of environmental stewardship through picture books, education, outdoor engagement and being members of the good stewardship club created through stories.

Elephant baby.jpgThe Foundation was created in partnership with the Green Kids Club to teach children the importance of protecting habitats, to sustain ecosystems, animal and ultimately human life. Difficult environmental issues such as poaching, habitat, encroachment, etc. are part of our stories. The Green Kids Foundation aims at distributing the books for educational purposes to help teachers provide interesting, engaging and information coursework in schools. We want to be able to donate books to schools.
In addition, the Green Kids Foundation wants to engage young people through outdoor experiences, internships, and distance learning opportunities that showcase the challenges of humans and animals co-existing and how we can make a difference.